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Wecome To Kansas Scams
I really quit working this site about 5 years ago. Getting sick, of all the morons, arguing with me. Concerning Lotteryís, Nigerian scam letters next of kin. My answers were very simple did you join a lottery.Do you have relatives in outer Bagdad? Think people
itís not that hard, I cant belive just how bad the goverment agencey
Are Screwing you People And you sit back an do nothing. The police Going to the motels and running peoples Id, just to see if they have Warrants. Ok I understand what there doing in the name of cleaning up the streets. Let them do it say nothing and when they come to your home to check everyones id disrupting your evening Scaring the kids and alerting all your neigbors and you have done nothing they made it a law granted more power to the Police. More

This Crap Concerning St George entrepreneur Jeremy Johnson, Screams Frame up. corruption all the way threw, When Washington said they would find money I didn't think that meant they were going to steal it From there citizens. This is a prime example of our government having a temper tantrum. They just had one case fall apart on them
so there trying to hit him with anything they can. I canít remember seeing so much bullshit since Elisabeth Smart. More







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